One-piece swimsuit

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The Classico swimsuit model from Pitaya is all about femininity and beauty.

This swimsuit was one of the first to be created and is still very popular. The Classico model is a universal piece that is suitable for swimming, outdoor activities, a walk, a date, or just daily comfort.

- Corresponds to the standard size.Choose the one you usually choose. But if you like loose clothing, you can take the larger size.
- The fabric will stretch after a few wet.
- Sewing technology guarantees a strong effect of the tightening
- The hip line is classic.
- Closed back
- Deep neckline
- Buttons on the sholder are for more comfortable dressing

- Special technology of seams processing - decorative stitching.
- 81% lycra, 19% polyester.
- Washing at a temperature not higher than 30°

According to the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Rights Protection, underwear and swimsuits are included in the list of goods that are not subject to exchange and return ( exclusion is manufacturing defect).
The reason of such rules is based on the principals of hygiene. Our goods have direct contact with the body, so the fitting can lead to the spread of certain diseases.
We care about the health of our customers, so we manufacture every order specifically for every customer. You can be sure of the purity of the purchased product.