About Us


Almost 3 years ago, at an exhibition in Hong Kong, we found that there is a fabric that solves many problems:

- saves from sun allergies and photoaging

-dries very quickly and easily

-allows you to use less sunscreen

-works like an SPF 35 sunscreen, allowing a light and healthy tan to pass through the fabric.

We thought for a long time how to combine quality, comfort, functionality and design. It was not easy. There was not enough time to think about difficulties due to the launch during quarantine, the constant change of patterns, models, sewing technologies, and branding.

We grew up, learned from our mistakes, and listened to criticism. We are convinced that the future is about self-care and self-love.

Our bestseller

This is a swimsuit model made of innovative fabric, which:

covers 60-85% of the skin,

protects from sunburn

gives a light, safe tan

generates the release of vitamin D.

Thanks to closed swimwear models, you don't need to use sunscreen, which reduces harmful emissions into the ocean.


We don't want to harm our planet, so we make every product after your order is placed. Our team will sew a swimsuit especially for you within 1-5 days, depending on demand. PITAYA accepts order cancellations within 24 hours of purchase. We want the swimsuit to be with you as soon as possible, so we immediately transfer the order to the next stage

Step 1.

Your order is processed and sent to production

Step 2.

The fabric and materials for your swimsuit are carefully checked and put to production.

Step 3.

One of our talented seamstresses work on your order.

Step 4.

The final steps of creation — we add accessories and labels to your swimsuit.

Step 5.

We check the sewing quality.

Step 6.

We pack your order with love and prepare for shipping.❤️